Sri Lanka Safari

Sri Lanka Safari

The Yala national park is most famous because, it is more likely to spot animals due to it’s savanna like terrain with occasional forest areas mostly consist with small trees and shrubs. It is home to Mammals, Reptile, Amphibian, Invertebrate and Birds.

Because of Yala National park’s animal diversity and density are extremely high, relative to other national parks it will render Yala Safari park is the one-stop place to watch all the animals, with minimal effort and time, so you won’t go home with empty handed. you can check out what animals can be seen at the Yala safari park, below this page.

Another factor Yala Safari park makes most famous because of Sri Lankan leopards (Panthera Pardus). The leopard is the only cat from five “big cats” that Sri Lanka harbor, since there are no other predators to challenge the leopard it’s population escalated to the worlds highest density of leopards.

With no other animals, especially big cats to compete with, they’re sized become enormous, weighing in at almost 100kg the biggest of its kind and biggest leopards in the world. Elsewhere in the world they are called as elusive cat, but not here they have little to no-fear, they can be seen proudly sauntering along all over the park, playing and hunting..

Including Sri Lankan majestic Elephant You will have the chance to spot 44 species of mammals that are resident in Yala National Park. The elephant herd of Yala contains 300–350 individuals roaming around the park, bathing, playing and eating in their natural habitat

There is a 85 percent chance to spot these animals, including The sloth bear, water buffalo, fishing cat, Toque macaque, red slender loris, golden palm civet, and 47 species of reptiles and six of them are endemic, Boulenger’s callback, Sri Lankan flying snake, Wiegmann’s agama, Sri Lankan Krait, Bahir’s fan-throated lizard and painted-lip lizard, are the endemic reptiles.

Yale is one of Important Bird Areas, 215 bird species recorded in the park, seven are endemic to Sri Lanka. They are Sri Lanka jungle fowl, grey Hornbill, Sri Lanka wood pigeon, black-capped Bulbul, crimson-fronted Barbet, brown-capped Lagoons of Yala attract Thousands migrant waterfowl to the Yala safari park during the northeast monsoon.

Everybody wants to go to Yala and during peak season Yala Safari park will get crowded with tourist jeeps if you really do not like the crowd you can visit other safari parks, there are 25 of other safari parks in Sri Lanka or you can visit Yala during off season. Despite the crowd Yala National park is a must visit place.

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